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American Heritage

"Treasure Ship"    [The Arabia]


"Kanab, Utah---Home of the Westerns"

"The Cornish Coast"

"Exploring Historic Quebec"

"Lake Como Awaits"

"Choose Fun in Clearwater Beach"

"Sonoma’s Wine Country Weekend"

"Luscious, Luxurious Louisville"

"Viva Lesser-Known Vegas"

"Powder Power -- Skiing in New Mexico"

"Mardi Gras in Shreveport"

"Searching for Don Quixote"

"A Taste for Spain"

"Max Weitzenhoffer--Star Behind the Scenes"
"Lincoln, N.M.     The Old West"

"Wiley Exhibit Opens at OKC Museum"

Thomas Hart Benton Exhibit"

"Seaside Penzance"

"A Visit to Shrewsbury -- A Literary Paradise"  

" Madrid...........Food Lover's Delight"

"Wellington, Gateway to New Zealand"

"Branson - More than Shopping, Shows"

"State’s southeastern corner holds a massage gem"

"Kansas City, a museum lover's paradise"

"Toledo (Spain) takes Breath Away"
"Tulip Festival....Holland, Michigan"

"When Sight-seeing, Think BIG"

"Visit the Stuhr Museum for a local treat"

"Turner Falls"

"Shakespeare's First Folio"

"Devils Tower"

"Independence offers museums, history"

"Natural history museum features art, science"
Elaine's work also appears in AAA
Southern Traveler,  AAA  Midwest
Traveler,  Persimmon Hill, The
Oklahoman, USA Today, and

"405" Magazine / Previously Slice
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The Oklahoman

"In Roswell, come for the UFOs, but stay for the rest"

" Pleasures of parador and plate in Spain "

"A Reindeer Experience"

"Unique Oklahoma Museums"

7 Must-See Hot Spots in Oklahoma"

"Oklahoma's Best Swimming Spots"

"Dr Glen Cameron--A Man on Top of the World"

"A Champion for Kids"
Articles from the Edmond Sun, the
daily newspaper of Edmond, OK