The sliding glass door was open and
a soft breeze circulated through the
dark room.  The rolling sound of the
waves, punctuated by an occasional
boom as the water hit the rocks just
right, lulled me to sleep.  A perfect
way to end a perfect day in one of the
most beautiful places I’ve ever been –
the central Oregon coast.
Take the western coast of Ireland, add
magnificent mounds of English
rhododendrons, dust the hillsides with
bright yellow Scotch broom, borrow a
bit of fishing village charm from New
England and top with magnificent
forests of Douglas fir and Sitka
spruce.  And that’s just the scenery.  
Factor in great outdoor activities, good
food and wine, interesting galleries and
shopping, then subtract the masses of
tourists, reduce the prices and what’s
left is pure tourist treasure.